As the member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown, and a regular commuter myself, I am well aware of the large number of constituents who use the rail network, either for work or leisure.

I know that many rail users have serious concerns over delays, signal failure, overcrowding and ever higher prices. A recent Which? survey of customer satisfaction has confirmed that passengers are particularly unhappy with services in the South East, including those between Brighton and London. Indeed I have received a steady stream of complaints about rail services and the poor way matters are dealt with when problems occur. I believe my constituents deserve better.

Often information is confusing or contradictory, the slightest incident seems to cause widespread and sustained chaos and passengers have had enough.

I have made contact with the rail companies and Network Rail on this matter asking when services will improve and what is being done so that my constituents who tell me they are frequently delayed getting to work or getting home will actually see some improvement.  It is no good the companies telling me they need more investment, they have had above inflation rises for years and it is about time the extra money was showing up in better trains, greater reliability and more value-for-money.

I am also looking into how rail franchises are awarded to see how best influence can be brought to bear on the rail companies to ensure customers receive an adequate level of service.  Please do take a few moments to let me have your views or email me at simon.kirby.mp@parliament.uk with your comments

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